Deb one of 15 Lawmakers to Watch in 2011

January 24, 2011

Here is what GoLocal Providence has to say about Deb:

If there’s a new issue that comes up, you can be sure Ruggerio has been hard at work researching it, one Democrat Party activist says. Ruggerio has only been in the House for two years, but she’s already established herself as a leader on the environment, economic development, and small business. She’s also regarded as a great communicator and a lawmaker who balances constituent interests with what’s good for the state as a whole. We hear that Speaker Gordon Fox could make her the co-chair of the Joint Commission to Study Economic Development of Port Facilities in RI. This host of the “Amazing Women” radio show seems to have certainly earned that title for herself.Read the whole story….

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Rep. Deborah Ruggiero named 2012 LEGISLATOR OF THE YEAR by the RI Nurses Association


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