Sponsored Legislation

Small Business— H7312 requires state purchasing office to select Rhode Island business, all things being equal, for state contracts since the RI companies employ Rhode Islanders and pay taxes in Rhode Island.

Open Government— H7202 requires committee votes be put online on the General Assembly website for constituents to see how legislators votes.

Renewable Energy— H7996 creates a Renewable Energy Taks Force to identify and recommend goals for a statewide renewable energy policy that involves government, academia, and small business.

Opposed to HESS LNG— H7608 requires companies transporting LNG in RI waters to provide bond and liability insurance.

Bipartisan government — H7482 eliminates the master lever for straight party voting in Rhode Island

Mental Health – H7361 requires that health insurance for mental illness and substance abuse coverage be comparable to medical service payments.

Small Business— H7460 increases the Economic Development Board to include four small business members instead of only one.

Tax Reform— H8213 increases estate tax exemption to $1.5 million dollars from $850,000.

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June 28, 2010

Working Hard for You

Deb Ruggiero sponsored legislation

I am honored to serve as State Representative for Jamestown/Middletown. It’s
been a busy and historic time in our state with emphasis on small business,
the economy, education, and tax reform.

This year, I sponsored a law that requires state purchasing agents, when all
things are equal, select a Rhode Island business over out-of-state
companies. This increases opportunities for Rhode Island companies that pay
taxes here and employ our neighbors and keeps the dollars in our state.
Rhode Island joins 30 other states, including Massachusetts and Connecticut,
that have some type of “all things being equal”. I worked with Lt. Governor
Elizabeth Roberts on the legislation as part of the BUY LOCAL RI campaign.

As a member of the newly formed House Committee¬† on Small Business, I’ve
been an advocate for small business which employs 60% of the workforce in
Rhode Island.

I attended the Small Business Economic Forum and heard many good suggestions
from Rhode Island business owners including the future of renewable energy.
As a result, I sponsored a bill to create a Renewable Energy Policy & Study
Commission. The intent is to identify and recommend key goals for a
statewide renewable energy policy keeping in mind the impact on small
business. This working group includes members of small business, government,
and academia.

CO-sponsor of the Net Metering Law for Renewable Energy which passed. I ran
on a platform of “Environmental Economics”-putting wind energy, bio fuel and
renewable energy at the forefront of economic development. This is an
emerging industry and net metering provides a cash rebate for municipalities
that produce a surplus of wind energy from the wind turbines.

It’s an honor to be one of only 6 State Reps and 6 State Senators to study
economic development at the Ports of Rhode Island, including Quonset and
ProvPort. Quonset is a jewel in this state-air, rail, sea-we have to create
jobs in future emerging industries like renewable energy. Quonset is prime
space for wind turbines to be staged; the production supply chain will come
through Quonset. It’s all about jobs, jobs, jobs.

I am honored to serve and look forward to your input. Please email or call
me with your thoughts or suggestions.

June 14, 2010

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Rep. Deborah Ruggiero named 2012 LEGISLATOR OF THE YEAR by the RI Nurses Association


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