Chair of the Small Business Renewable Energy Commission where some of the most cohesive and comprehensive renewable energy laws in the nation were passed to help reduce future dependency on fossil fuels. It’s more than just protecting the environment, it’s about jobs in Rhode Island.

Sponsor of Renewable Energy Laws in Rhode Island, including Distributed Generation, which provides installers with ‘long term contracts’ for financing. It’s good economic and environmental policy.

Member of Small Business Committee and voted to remove regulations to make it easier for small businesses to create jobs in our state. 60% of the economy comes from small businesses employing neighbors and friends.

Sponsor of Rhode Island’s anti-bullying law, The Safe Schools Act”, because no child should feel unsafe going to school or feel threatened by cyber bullying.

Sponsor of the Fishing & Farming Collaborative to encourage a ‘buy local’ movement to connect farmers and fishermen to consumers. Rhode Island’s ‘blue and green’ industries generate over $1.5 billion dollars to our outdoor economy.

Co-Chair of Commission on Economic Development of Ports in Rhode Island ensuring we have a sustainable marine economy for continued growth in auto and bulk cargo at port facilities. Rhode Island’s maritime industry generates more than 1,000 jobs and $70 million in wages.

Representative Ruggiero OPPOSED the meals and beverage tax. It would severely harm the hospitality and tourism industry in Middletown & Jamestown.

Opposed increasing the sales tax in Rhode to include hair salons, home heating oil, and garbage collection.

Rep. Ruggiero worked to reinstate nearly $10 million dollars for the developmentally disabled.

Rep. Ruggiero continues to fight to raise the exemption on the state estate tax to $1 million dollars to help small business, the middle class, and the farmers in Rhode Island.

Rep. Ruggiero will introduce legislation to reinstate the renew- able energy tax credit for Rhode Island homeowners so they can invest in solar projects, creating jobs and generating sales and income tax revenue for the state.

Department of Environmental Management presented a $38,000 recreation grant to Jamestown for kidsROCK – a rock climbing playground in Jamestown, the first of its kind in Rhode Island.

Rep. Ruggiero attended the Middletown Substance Abuse Prevention Task Force workshop in April where Middletown students were trained to be ‘change agents’ in their community.

Rep. Deb Ruggiero supports the work of LUCY’S HEARTH in Middletown, a shelter for women and their children.

Introduced legislation to create a TAX HOLIDAY in Rhode Island. This will help jump-start the local, retail industry in a tough economy.

The state pension crisis presented difficult choices. Tough decisions and bold changes were required to ensure there would be future pensions for our valued public employees. Not one retiree lost one penny of their pension.

Representative Ruggiero supported pension reform to protect retirees and taxpayers. The historic overhaul increased the retirement age, suspended cost of living adjustments, and saved the state and taxpayers $4 billion dollars over the next 2 decades. Middletown saved $2.2 million and Jamestown saved $700 million with pension reform. We cannot put retirees, public employees, teachers, and taxpayers at risk.